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Living Stand


We visited the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Cassino


We went to Hollywood, Florida, to attend meetings at the hotel operator's headquarters about projects under development in Brazil.

NHZ Incorporadora - High Standart Stand


Noble and sophisticated finishes, a unique product, located in a strategic point in Ribeirão Preto.

Challenge - A New Hospital in 180 days


The challenge of Tallento Obras Rápidas was to transform the building into a clinical center with the capacity to perform 20,000 consultations/month within 180 days.

Why Investing in Distributed Generation in 2019 ?


Many factors have contributed to the significant increase in GD, such as increased tariffs in the captive market, the advancement of solar technology and the gradual reduction of initial investments

B&G - Retrofit in restaurant


Tallento Obras Rápidas, started in July the first phase of the retrofit of the B & G restaurant located on the Ayrton Senna highway.

Cyrela - New Stand for the group


The work carried out by Tallento Stands consists of the decorated apartment and the sales area, totaling 290m² of construction

Hangar 7 - Challenges in Congonhas


The work of more than 8,000 sqm presented a concise, short-term, schedule with several critical paths and unpredictability.

Renewable Sources - Growth in Brazil


Brazil is advancing positively in the contribution of the Environment preservation through the generation of energy with renewable sources.

Migration to the Free Energy Market will grow exponentially until 2028.


The Ministry of Mines and Energy from Brazil has proposed a series of reforms in the electricity sector. One of these proposals includes reducing the 500 kW to 75 kW minimum contracted demand for free market migration over the next 10 years. With this new range of demand there will be a potential of 300,000 companies apt to migrate.

Bradesco Habitat: leisure and sustainability.


The BSP Consolação project is being finalized, and Tallento Gerenciadora is proud to work on the project in a sustainable manner, minimizing impacts to the environment.

New Accessibility Policy, causes Tallento Construtora to destroy barriers and build opportunities.


Published in September 2015, the revision of the Brazilian Standard of Accessibility for Buildings, Furniture, Public Space and Equipment NBR 9015 has a feature deeply linked to the theme of social equality.

Renovation and Restoration of Lauro Gomes Square


Reinforcing our partnership with Setin Incorporadora, on July 20th Tallento Obras Rápidas started working on the renovation and restoration of Lauro Gomes Square, located at Rua Marechal Deodoro, in downtown São Bernardo City, close to São Paulo City.

Lavvi Empreendimentos


In a further partnership with Lavvi Empreendimentos, Tallento Stands started the construction of sales office and decorated apartment on the 5th of June.

Alteration in the Free Energy Market


Reform in the electric sector will result in deep changes in the Free Energy Market.

Tallento Construtora renews its “A” quality level.


Tallento Construtora got its level “A” at 2 residential buildings construction: LINE UP and Aurora Paulistana, both in São Paulo City.

2017: a year of dedication and new achievements.


Despite this crisis in the economy, Tallento Gerenciadora is in a great position, standing out in its area with several entrepreneurs relying on their work.

Even Construtora e Incorporadora


In partnership with Even Construtora and Incorporadora, Tallento Stands delivered on April 10 a set of 2 bedrooms located in the Interlagos neighborhood of São Paulo.

Temporary Reception Center - TRC


Tallento Obras Rápidas, once again in partnership with Lavvi Empreendimentos, delivered on May 10 the first Temporary Reception Center (TRC) for street people

Sustainability and Environmental Impact Reduction.


Bettoni Automação in partnership with Tallento Energia assisted the Esporte Clube Pinheiros to contribute to the sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.

ANEEL increases yellow flag cost by 33%


The extra cost is applied, when the yellow flag is triggered, now it will go from R$ 1.50 to R$ 2.00 per 100 kWh consumed.

Construction is renovation and knowledge!


Tallento Construtora has implemented two important programs: compliance with the Performance Standard ...

Emiliano Hotel - Rio de Janeiro


In February, Tallento Management closed its work on the management of the Emiliano Hotel ...

Stand de venda - Lavvi Empreendimentos


Tallento Stands, begins the year with a new partner, Lavvi Empreendimentos.

Habib's Osasco Plaza Shopping


Habib's Osasco Plaza Shopping inauguration

Ragazzo - Parque Shopping Barueri


In partnership with Habib's group, Tallento Obras Rápidas delivered a new Ragazzo Express store in the week of December 05.

Tallento Level A in PBQP-H


Tallento Construction had confirmed at the end of October of this year, in Level A from SIAC - PBQP-H, audited by Vanzolini Fundation for activities as a construction company ...

Performance Standard for Residential Buildings


Tallento Management with the objective of offering quality engineering services and in line with the new demands of our society, is investing ...

Habib's Osasco Plaza Shopping


Tallento Obras Rápidas closed a deal in October the newest partnership with Habib's Group, the largest Arab fast-food chain in the world.

Palestra about the Free Market of Electric Energy


At the end of October, J. Carlos Haiad, Partner-Director of Tallento Energia, gave a palestra detailing the various technical and contractual aspects of the Free Market for Electric Energy

Breakfast with Tallento and Nêumanne


Tallento welcomed at it’s headquarters the journalist and political commentator José Nêumanne Pinto.

Cyrela - Living Family


Tallento Stands, in partnership with Cyrela, delivered in october the newest sales stand of the developer

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